Bearing Condition Analyzer BVT-111N Bearing Condition Analyzer BVT-111N
Bearing Condition Analyzer BVT-111N
Bearing Condition Analyzer BVT-111N

Bearing Condition Analyzer BVT-111N

Product Details:


Product Description

Bearing Condition Analyzer BVT-111N


  • Direct indication of machine condition in terms of good reduced bad in condition scale
  • Detect mechanical condition of bearings
  • Damage severity readings of bearings
  • Detecting lubrication condition of ball-and-roller- type Bearings
  • Non-contact measurements of rotational speed
  • Vibration Measurements according to ISO recommendations.

Specification :

Bearing Tester Function

Laser tachometer function

Measuring range (Shock pulse

-19-100 dBpv

Measuring range

10 to 20000 RPM


10 dBpv

Measuring distance

10 feet

Vibration tester function


Measuring range

0.1 to 99.9mm/s RMS

Temperature range

0C to 50C


0.1 mm/s


16 x 4 line dot matrix LCD


+/-2%+0.1 mm/s)

Keypad Seale membrane

Electronic stethoscope (noise

With Head phone

*Electronic stethoscope (Noise) listening device that helps pin point the source of mechanical noise

MCM Presents a small Micro Processor based diagnostic tool for comprehensive condition analysis of rotating machinery.

Objective measurements of machine condition are needed as a reliable base for preventive maintenance.

Now maintenance personal can Analyze Bearing Condition, measure Machine Vibration, check rotational speed and Electronic Stethoscope listening device that helps pinpoint the source of mechanical noise - with a single and easy to use instrument. The best way is to periodically monitor bearing condition and replace the bearing at the right time by least influencing the production efficiency.

Monitoring :

BVT-111N gives a direct indication of bearing condition on a green-yellow-red scale which allows an instant distinction between good and bad bearings. Thus, the BVT111N is equally suitable for fast routine checks and for the detailed analysis of critical bearings, supplies digital shock value readings plus accurate information on lubrication condition and damage severity readings for rolling bearings.

The main purpose of bearing condition measurements is the detection of individual damaged bearings in time for a planned replacement. This method is less expensive and more reliable than periodic replacements, because a bearing that has not failed before its scheduled replacement is likely to be serviceable for a long time

  • The BVT111N indicate bearing damage by displaying:
  • an arrow against the red sector of the condition scale
  • (SI) a severity index number which increases with the severity of surface damage.
  • (BS)Bearing Status D = typical damage pattern detected

Analyzing lubrication condition: The fact that the service lift of bearings is mainly dependent on lubrication is well known. Very large sums can be saved if bearing life can be extended by improving lubrication. The BVT-111N displays a lubrication number(LFT) which increases in proportion with the thickness of the lubricant film between the rolling elements and the raceway in the loaded part of the bearing

Vibration Monitoring :

BVT-111Nmeasures Vibration severity, in accordance with ISO recommendation 2372. It displays a wide frequency band measurement of vibration velocity, expressed in mm/s RMS. General machine vibration increases when something is loose, broken, or out of balance. Industrial equipment is divided into six vibration classes, the BVT-111N will compare the measured value with the norm for the class and indicate machine condition on the evaluation scale green for good and acceptable values yellow for just tolerable vibration red for unacceptable vibration

Rotational Speed

The need to eavesdrop on mechanical sounds within machinery is essential in any maintenance department. Mechanical faults can often be heard. The problem is to locate the sound source quickly and accurately in a generally noisy environment. environment.

The electronic stethoscope is a sensitive listening stick, for location of all kinds of machinery noise. Valve chatter, tappet noise, piston slap, gear and pump noise and the operation of relays and solenoids are just a few of the many noises that may be traced, amplified and assessed with this device.

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