Bearing Checker BC-110TN Bearing Checker BC-110TN Bearing Checker BC-110TN
Bearing Checker BC-110TN
Bearing Checker BC-110TN Bearing Checker BC-110TN

Bearing Checker BC-110TN

94000 INR/Number

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Bearing Checker BC-110TN Price And Quantity

  • 94000 INR/Number
  • 05 Number

Product Description

Bearing Checker BC  110TN

Shock Pulse, Tachometer, Infrared Temperature & Electronic Stethoscope


Shock Pulse Measurement

(Mechanical & lubrication, damage development of bearing)

Laser Tachometer measurement

Infrared Temperature measurement

Direct indication of machine condition

in terms of good reduced-bad in bearing function

Stethoscope (Mechanical sounds detection) For easy location of machinery noise in Industrial environment

Microprocessor based

Back light LC Display

Auto Off

Battery Low Indication

Bearing Monitoring:

Bearing Checker BC-110TN gives a direct indication of bearing condition on a green-yellow-red scale which allows an instant distinction between good and bad bearings. Thus, the BC-110TN is equally suitable for fast routine checks and for the detailed analysis of critical bearings, supplies digital shock value readings plus accurate information on lubrication condition and damage severity readings for rolling bearings.

Early bearing damage detection: The main purpose of bearing condition measurements is the detection of individual damaged bearings in time for a planned replacement. This method is less expensive and more reliable than periodic replacements, because a bearing that has not failed before its scheduled replacement is likely to be serviceable for a long time

The Bearing Checker BC-110TN indicate bearing damage by displaying:

an arrow against the red sector of the condition scale

(SI) a severity index number which increases with the severity of surface damage.

(BS) Bearing Status D = typical damage pattern detected

Analyzing lubrication condition: The fact that the service lift of bearings is mainly dependant on lubrication is well known. Very large sums can be saved if bearing life can be extended by improving lubrication. The Bearing checker 110TN displays a lubrication number(LFT) which increases in proportion with the thickness of the lubricant film between the rolling elements and the raceway in the loaded part of the bearing

Infrared Thermometer probe: The Infrared Temperature Probe is a noncontact temperature measurement

Laser Tachometer : The Laser Tachometer probe is a noncontact tachometer measurement

Electronic Stethoscope: The need to eavesdrop on mechanical sounds within machinery is essential in any maintenance department. Mechanical faults can often be heard. The problem is to locate the sound source quickly and accurately in a generally noisy environment. The electronic stethoscope is a sensitive listening stick, for location of all kinds of machinery noise. Valve chatter, tappet noise, piston slap, gear and pump noise and the operation of relays and solenoids are just a few of the many noises that may be traced, amplified and assessed with this device.

Technical Specifications

Shock Pulse Function: Measuring Range: -19 to 99 dBpv

Electronic Stethoscope: (Noise) Frequency Range

Resolution: 1 dBpv

30 HZ to 20KHZ

Head set: Stereo type

Infrared Temperature: Measuring Range: 0 - 550C

Display: 4 x 16 line back light dot matrix LCD

Resolution: 1C

Operating Temp. Range: 0 - 55C

Accuracy: ±  2% of reading or 2 C

Sealed Membrane key pad

Field of View: D/S = Approx. 8:1 ratio

Input Connectors: TNC & Round

Size: 230x100x45 mm

Laser Tachometer: Measuring Range: up to 20,000 rpm

Weight: 750gms (Approximately)

Resolution: 1 rpm

Power Supply: Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

Accuracy: ± (1 rev. + 0.1% of reading)

Casing: ABS

Standard Supply

ï Bearing Checker BC-110TN

With protective cover

ï Shock Pulse Probe - 1no

ï Head Phone - 1no

ï Laser Tachometer Probe - 1no

ï Infrared Temperature Probe - 1no

ï Noise probe road 1no

ï Charger - 1 no

ï Instrument Manual - 1no

ï Test & Calibration Report with Warranty

ï Guarantee Certificate

ï Carry Bag

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